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We strongly (ha! pun intended) believe that strength sports are for everyone. Everyone, no matter your age, gender, size, background, physique, origin, (dis-)ability or hair color. Strength sports is also more than lifting a barbell and looking buff, it's one of the most versatile and adaptable sports around.

If you think this text is some kind of advertisement, it definitely is. It is our passion and motivation to bring strength training into people's lives and to overcome stereotypes about an inclusive sport. We are also aware of the prejudices that this sport still faces, so yes - this is kind of a love letter to our sport, and we believe it is much more than most people think of it.


Along the way we've met amazing people, including some who used to hate sports. A client once said to us, "This is the first sport where I'm not counting the minutes until it's finally over." Who can relate to the feeling of failure, doing track and field or football in school, feeling slower or not as sporty as our classmates? We definitely can, and we found our match in strength training. It sounds like something you would write in a dating app, but in a way it's like building a relationship. A relationship to moving your body and liking it.

We definitely can, and we found our match in strength training. It sounds like something you would write in a dating app, but in a way it's like building a relationship.

It's your choice which goals you are pursuing, stepping on a platform in Powerlifting and testing your maximum strength limits in the big 3 lifts: squat, bench and deadlift. Or weightlifting, where you are competing in one of the most fascinating sports, where speed, mobility and explosive power will be your best friends for the clean&jerk and the snatch.

Lifting a barbell at your own pace, breaks in between, chats with fellow gym friends and moving on - or just at home, doing kettlebell swings and pullups to get a break from everyday duties. Strong(wo)man lifts, calisthenics, functional fitness, wether you have a barbell on your back, a kettlebell in your hand, or a log overhead - it doesn't matter if you care for the thrill of competitions, or the silence of your garage gym or the chatty gym vibes, you can define it.

Having goals in strength sports is as diverse as our equipment is (yes, we sneaked in some advertisement here), besides reaching for a competition podium place, there is so much more. When you think of lifting weights, bodybuilding pops up in most people's minds immediately, and we can see why - it's fascinating what our bodies are capable of.

Bodybuilding demands a lot of hard work and time to achieve the desired results, and while it might look like the same sport from a viewer's perspective, but it's something totally different to powerlifting or strong(wo)man training.

Worried about doing strength training and getting too bulky? Then do higher, lighter reps, a variety of high intensity workouts and mobility training. Want to be the strongest, biggest of them all? Follow a powerbuilding plan and adjust your diet. You want to just feel good in your body, having more strength for daily duties, but not look like Arnie?

Work out at a lower intensity, eat what you like, enjoy your time at the gym or at home and get rid of the back pain you have after work. Motivations, movements, muscular abilities, everyone is different - we are guided by your individual motivations and will gladly support you on your way to strength training.

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