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Redesigned – the go-to solution for a practical, reliable squat stand

The latest version of our squat stand comes packed with updated features that will provide you with a smooth lifting experience.

The bar holders feature more robust UHMW plates for added protection of your barbell and squat stand. The deepened base frame and extended triangular support from the uprights increase the overall stability, plus they give more space to un-/rack the bar or to place a bench in between. With 95cm as a minimum height setting, it's low enough to use it for a quick bench session.

You can easily adjust both the height and width with the pin-clamp and screw-pin mechanism. Based on customer feedback, we have also increased the dip handle diameter to 40mm to ensure that athletes of all types have a comfortable grip and to make it more comfortable for your hands to actually do dips on a squat stand, plus the increased stability adds safety points to this compact squat rack. 

Versatile and budget-friendly squat rack

Our squat stand is the can’t-go-wrong-with solution for strength sport enthusiasts, regardless if you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete. Made from high-quality durable steel, this compact space-saving squat stand option is built to handle heavy loads up to 250kg. Its versatility supports a broad range of exercises, like dips, bench press or overhead presses, and of course, squats – the main event. Offering a sturdy, functional and clean black powder coated design, it’s a good fit for either a home gym set up, or perfect for commercial facilities. Easy to set up, but also easy to set aside when space is needed.

↪ In conclusion, if you’re looking for a reliable, practical, and affordable squat rack, our black squat stands are the right choice for you.


  • Material & finish: 3mm black powder coated steel
  • Min. to max. height for bar setting : 100cm-165cm
  • Total width: 124cm
  • Total depth: 72cm
  • Durable UHMW protection for bar holders
  • Max. suggested load: 250kg
  • Max. suggested load dip handles: bodyweight up to 125kg 
  • Space-saving & easy to assemble

*Please note: Barbell and weights are not included and are only shown for demonstration purposes.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Samuli L.
Great rack for a great price

I have the same two minor complaints as Dave. Can't use for bench press and the rubber on bar holders is kinda just bad. It crumbles and makes a bit of a mess. Nothing you can't live with tho, you can obviously replace the piece if you want.

Other than that, hard to find anything bad to say. I regularly use the rack for dips too. The holes in the stand are a bit too wide for my dip width, so one side is in secured in the hole but the other one needs to come closer, so it's not "locked in". AKA the hole adjustments are not narrow enough for me. Still works great and haven't had a problem with that, it still stays in place with my little weights.

I'm around 175cm and the rack is sturdy enough for squats and overhead press. Obviously it has not been designed to crash 200kg into them. The rack is easy to take down, if you need to get it out of sight. Overall, just a great product for me, since I don't do bench press anyway. However, I have to take one star away because of that, small detail that could've been worked out. Obviously would've been a bit less stable for long person squats.

HAMDI L. (Belgium)
Excellent quality

Stable, very good quality, best piece of equipment to buy, money well spent

Dave (Denmark)
So close to tiny gym greatness

It’s a good quality rack at a super low price, and comes apart in under a minute to take up a tiny amount of space. I’m almost in love with it, if not for two shortcomings:

1. The rubber covers on the bar rests are glued on with a pretty weak glue that had already started to peel by the time I took it out of the box. Easily fixable, but annoying on a brand new rack. I also have concerns about how rubber will age vs the hard UHMW plastic that is standard on most racks.

2. You can’t use this rack for bench press. I’m 187cm and the bar rests are just a little too high to reach with a regular or wider grip. I can sneak the bar over it with a close grip, but not by enough of a margin that I would be confident grinding out a heavy rep on this.

I get that it’s primarily designed for Olympic lifting, and oly lifters don’t bench, but if it were just a couple centimeters shorter or had a second lower set of bar catches it would be workable and add a lot of utility for people who just want a tiny home gym that stores away in a closet.

But there is a lot to love about this rack:

It’s very solidly built while still being lightweight and portable, and can be broken down and stored away super easily. When disassembled, it’s tiny. If you’re looking for the smallest possible space commitment in a squat rack, this is it.

I use it in addition to my permanent indoor rack for outdoor workouts on nice days, and it’s perfect for that... as long as it’s not bench day. I’m planning on having a smith add a set of lower bar catches, and will replace the rubber with some cheap UHMW I got online. Then this rack will be everything I hoped for.

Emmanuelle O.

Thé stand is too high for bench press. Few holes more will be great.