Belt Squat Machine

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Improve Leg Strength and Mobility with adjustable belt squat machine

Building up leg strength is all about putting in the work. Our Belt Squat Machine allows you to place sole focus on your lower body and build on those key foundations. 

Constructed from 3mm steel, the machine is built for durability and suited for home gyms or larger facilities alike. The squat platform is 25cm high and has a steel plate with an extra grippy rubber surface on top, for a stable and non-slip stance. The middle gap allows for a maximum depth in the squat, to train the full range of motion. This, paired with a handle pulley, means athletes can keep a very stable footing and an upright torso.

Compact and adjustable belt squat machine

The height adjustable centre pin accommodates athletes of all sizes, gives you the opportunity to set the depth and also work on your range of motion: keep it higher for quad dominant positions and drop it down to drive more through your glutes. With an adjustable belt beam, you can also adjust your preferred weight distribution.  

41cm weight pins on each side provide ample room for heavy lifts (up to 400kg), but be sure to build up gradually: even smaller loads will provide your legs with a real challenge right away. If you’re looking to change the dynamics, use the 4.5cm band pegs to increase the resistance of the descent of the movement.

The four pin weight tree at the back gives easy and quick access to more plates, and also makes for a great storage option in your training area. 

Whether for standalone workouts, accessory leg training or those needing/wanting to keep the strain off their back and shoulders, we think you'll develop a love-hate relationship with the challenges our Belt Squat Machine will set for your legs.

How to use a belt squat machine

  • Centre yourself on the platform with the weight belt comfortably sitting around your hips. 
  • Make sure the belt is attached to the pin on the central beam using the carabiner. You can also adjust for squat depth with the height adjustable central pin. 
  • When you stand up, the lever handle will disengage so you can pull it back and start squatting.
  • When you’re finished with your set, simply stand up and push the handle back towards the weight tree at the back (into a vertical position) allowing the lever to re-engage.


  • Width (loading sleeve to loading sleeve): 210cm
  • Length: 132cm
  • Height: 116cm
  • Sleeve length on machine: 41cm
  • Sleeve diameter: 50mm
  • Sleeve length of plate holders: 25.5cm
  • 4.5cm band pegs
  • Weight: 110kg
  • Colour: matte black
  • Material: 3mm thick powder coated steel
  • Includes: thick cotton webbing squat belt with carabiner
  • Height adjustable centre bolt
  • Belt tested with 230kg
  • Adjustable belt beam

Customer Reviews

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Harald A. (Germany)

Belt Squat Machine

DENECKER R. (France)
Belt squat

Great for the Price good conception but the belt sent with is too long for standard or small people .
We are searching for a more adapt belt . But the belt squat is great and easy to build with several possibility to adapt at the user