Competition Solid Steel Axle, 50MM Thick - 36KG

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This solid steel 50 mm axle is a beast. 36 kg in weight its ideal for heavy axle training. The shaft is knurled from either side and it comes with a centre knurling too for squatting.

Knurled at either side of the shaft.
With centre knurling.
Sleeves do not revolve.

Length: approx. 2.2 m
Weight: approx. 36 kg
Diameter: 50 mm

Diameter loading pin: 50 mm

Rated to: 450 kg

This bar has been used by Strongmen for years in competition and training. It's larger diameter shaft makes it a beast to hold when loaded up for a Deadlift. To give you an idea of the size of the bar, grab the end sleeve of a regular Olympic sized bar. Yes, it's that thick!


If you're looking to add some serious grip training to your routine or are a serious Strongman competitor then this is the bar for you. The Axle can be used for Deadlifts, Squats, Bench Press, Overhead Press, Clean and Press, Bent Over Rows.... the list goes on and on.


With the growing popularity of functional training this bar has also become popular with many Athletes who follow the Functional Training-Strongman program or who want to make "Grace" a little more interesting.


It's versatility and robust design make this an essential piece of kit for any strength athlete.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Łukasz M. (Poland)

Just great in every aspect !

R.W. (The Netherlands)

absolutely a massive piece of work. Solid quality. Awesome! Picture is the axle compared to a regular 15kg olympic barbell.

Claude b. (France)

Très solide. Incassable

V.P. (Romania)
Monster bar

Love it. It's a beast. It is very hard to press a thick bar, amd truly humbling to deadlift it.

Would buy one more if you make a version without knurling.

F.W. (Germany)
Super Teil

Mit einer der besten Langhanteln die ich je hatte.Herausforderung pur.Meine volle Empfehlung.

D.P. (Belgium)

This is a beast of a bar. After using this, a 20kg olympic barbell feels like a twink.