Core Trainer Multi-Grip Handle

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Core Trainer Multi-Grip Handle

Our grip handle is a lightweight and extremely adaptable tool for your gym. Built with versatility in mind, the unit can be used to perform both wide and narrow overarm/underarm pulls. The addtion of 2 neutral bar positions means you can train several muscle groups in the upper back, while addtionally working your biceps, lats, shoulders, grip and forearm strength.

When held in a more upright position, the handle becomes an effective ally for targeting your core muscles and can even be used to do overhead work (e.g. viking press).


Weight: 6.5kg
Total length: 132cm
Total width: 25cm
Tube diameter of grip bars: 32mm
* Fits to all olympic standard size barbells

Core Trainer Multi-Grip Handle

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Gregor B. (Germany)

Ich nutze es für meine landmine zu drücken und ziehen. Die verschiedenen Griffpositionen geben gute Erweiterung zu engen und gewinkelten Aufsätzen.

Luca M. (Italy)

Core Trainer Multi-Grip Handle

Q. B. (Netherlands)
Excellent for home and PT studio use

I'm very pleased with the handle, for the wide range of variety it offers. With this implement you get the most bang for your buck. It also gives beginners a safe way to practice the deadlift, and even the clean and jerk. Rows feel fenomenal, giving better contraction by the way the bar travels. Personally, I like it for Viking press the most.

Topped with the customer service, I can highly recommend this purchase.

A.K. (Germany)
Great Attachment

Great Attachment amd outstanding service from Strength shop, it allows you to train every part of your body, I bought it mainly for Viking Press, the only downside is that I received mine with rust on it (SEE Pic).