Deep Dish Cast Iron Plate Sets: 17.5kg / 90kg / 100kg & 107.5kg

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  • 17.5kg Set
    17.5kg Set
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  • 90kg Set
    90kg Set
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  • 107.5kg Set
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Get the Deep Dish Cast Iron Plates as a convenient set and save some cash:

  • 17.5kg Set: 1.25kg x 2 | 2.5kg x 2 | 5kg x 2 
  • 90kg Set: 10kg x 2 | 15kg x 2 | 20kg x 2
  • 100kg Set: 5kg x 2 | 10kg x 2 | 15kg x 2 | 20kg x 2 
  • 107.5kg Set: 1.25kg x 2 | 2.5kg x 2 | 5kg x 2 | 10kg x 2 | 15kg x 2 | 20kg x 2 

→ If you would like to purchase individual plates, you'll find them here.

The new old-school era

Amp up your training with the Deep Dish Cast Iron Plates – where old-school meets your relentless pursuit of greatness.

Whether you're a seasoned lifter or just starting your iron journey, the Deep Dish Cast Iron Plates are your steadfast companions, ready to push you through Squats, Bench, and Deadlifts to new heights of strength and performance. So whether you are into powerlifting or bodybuilding, these will stand the test of time and will serve you well for years of training to come. Use these plates for more functional style training too, like weighted dips and pull-ups. Deep Dish Cast Iron Plates are perfect for those who want to experience the true, solid and pure iron of the old days, both visually and by feel.

Versatile Cast Iron Plates

Forged in a single cast, these plates boast the attitude of the old-school era, known from old magazines and vintage training videos, combined with a crisp design. A 50mm collar opening ensures a snug, secure fit on all types of barbells, dumbbells, and plate loaded machines with a 50mm sleeve, while the raised details and weight increments pay homage to the timeless tradition of raw iron lifting. The raised lip makes loading and unloading a breeze. 

Cast Iron Plate Dimensions

Weight (kg)

Plate Width / Thickness (mm)

Plate Diameter (cm)




















  • Material: single mould cast iron
  • Style: black
  • Embossed and painted increments
  • Collar opening diameter: 50.6±0.4mm
  • Weight tolerance: max. 2% of given weight
  • High durability and longevity of surface, through static powder painting

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
M.B. (Poland)
Best Cast Iron Plates

I have many type of plates and above 15 years exp in strength sports. No BS, this plates is best quality Cast Iron plates I ever buy and have. Super detailed cast and strong layer of paint give to this plates amazing quality and word class look and in my opinion they are very stylish :)

The package was protected very good. No way the plates will be damaged in transport.

Amazing experience with Strength Shop. Recommended with strength.

R.S. (Romania)
Deep Dish Plates

Just received my set last week 107.5kg + 2 x 20kg

The plates look and feel very nice. The packaging is excellent. No damage on any of them.

Look forward to using them and being able to add another set of 20kg plates.