Eccentric Bench/Squat Hooks - Fully Adjustable

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Eccentric Bench/Squat Hooks are a specialist tool to train and even overload the eccentric phase of your lift. Mainly used in bench press and squat it enables you to train for stronger eccentric phase control, overloading paused bench press, "controlled down & explosive up" training and many many other purposes.

Simply load your plates on, adjust the height according to the movement you are doing, and when you reach the bottom of your range of movement the weight touches the ground and "releases" from the bar.

Please note that eccentric overloading is recommended only for experienced trainers and should not be taken lightly, as it requires focus and control to handle the changes in load in the middle of the lift.


Width of base: 20cm
Depth of base: 33cm
Height of base: 58cm

Lowest setting with smaller hook: 58cm
Highest setting with larger hook: 106cm

Small hook length: 46cm
Larger hook length: 76cm

30mm increments in height

For 50mm Olympic plates

Set weight: Approx 12kg


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Duc V. (Czechia)

Absolutely satisfied. Greetings from Czech Republic

Alexandre T. (France)
Eccentric hooks/weight releasers

Good product overall, I’ve found two things that could be improved though (hence the 4 stars and not five). 1: the space between the bottom (where you put your plate(s) and the first hole (where you put the screw) is kind of small so if you add for exemple a bumper or even a « chubby » weight you might no have access to that hole (no pun intended..), so if you’re a very short lifter like me, this might be a problem (if you want to benefit the extra weight on the eccentric until you’re at the bottom of your squat for exemple). 2: the screws are tedious to put in place, I sometimes lose patience and just insert pins that are fast and easy to use (but not as secured).
Still very happy overall and I’ve already recommended them to quite a few people.