Magnesium Carbonate Chalk - Case of 8 Blocks

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Strengthshop chalk uses a magensium carbonate formula which gives you a reliable and firm grip during lifting. Sweaty palms are a nuisance in the gym, so we designed a chalk that would consistently keep your hands dry thoughout workouts. This convenient package holds 8 blocks of chalk which will keep you well supplied for months of use.


Lift heavier and longer:
Using chalk will give you the added grip you need for multiple repetitions or heavy singles and allow you to concentrate on the set.

Keeps sweaty hands dry:
Chalk can give you the confidence to attempt your heaviest lifts without worrying about slipping. Just a thin layer of chalk across your hands should provide you with a firm hold on the bar.

Keep your hands in good shape and avoid skin tears:
Chalk works by absorbing moisture from your hands and forming a thin barrier between your skin and the barbell. The chalk on your skin and palms will help prevent tearing, especially if you already have calluses.

Additional Specifications:
- Case of 8 blocks of gymnastics chalk, 52g each
- Total Amount: 416g
- Material: Magnesium carbonate
- Used to aid grip for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, functional training and general gym training

The grain size of this chalk is 400 mesh, a bit lighter/crumblier than some chalk blocks at same volume. These blocks made from the finer powder are better at getting into the grooves of the hand and providing increased grip.

Customer Reviews

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Birgitt S. (Germany)

Ansich ist der Chalk gut. Ich würde nie wünschen das der Block etwas weicher/softer wird. Aber seine knackigkeit dabei bewahrt. Vielleicht kann man das ja irgendwie umsetzten.

Kaspar D.
8 Blöcke Magnesia/Chalk

Schnelle Lieferung, Top Qualität.

Great price

Good chalk, fantastic price. Bought it over a year ago and I'm still not even halfway through the box.