Olympic Bow Bar, 2.3M

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  • Even weight distribution: The bow shape ensures that the load is evenly distributed across the back and shoulders – making it easier to handle larger weights without the bar rolling.
  • Maintains movement integrity: Unlike Cambered or Yoke bars, the Bow Bar doesn’t alter as your body moves, allowing for a more natural lifting technique.
  • Support for multiple lifts: Fully knurled for a secure grip, the Bow Bar is ideal for squats, Hise shrugs, good mornings, and lunges.
  • Increased safety and comfort: The bar's design minimises discomfort and the potential for injury when performing heavy squats.

Please note: Weight plate(s) are not included with the Bow Bar. Shop weight plates


The bar's innovative "Bow" shape, coupled with added thickness and length, makes for a more comfortable grip while squatting. 

It ensures that the load is spread evenly across your back and shoulders, reducing the likelihood of the bar rolling, for extra stability.

The Strength Shop Bar is equipped with rotating sleeves to reduce torque, and can handle up to 450kg.  The full-length knurling makes it easy to get a secure grip on the bar. 


  • Weight: 23.6kg
  • Length: 2.3m
  • Shaft diameter: 35mm
  • Knurling: Full-length
  • Loading pin diameter: 50mm
  • Sleeves: Rotating sleeves
  • Recommended maximum load: 450kg


What makes the Bow Bar different from traditional bars?
The bow shape and knurling pattern are designed to improve grip, balance, and weight distribution. 

How do I clean the Bow Bar? 
Clean the bar regularly to remove chalk and sweat. Always store in a dry, flat area to prevent bending or damage, and inspect for wear. 

How does the rotating sleeve feature work? 
Rotating sleeves helps to reduce the torque generated during lifts, making it easier to maintain grip and form, particularly on heavy sets.

Does the bar come with a warranty?
Yes, it comes with a 2-year warranty covering manufacturing defects.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Martin (Switzerland)
Bow Bar

Meine wiegt exakt 24.1Kg. Sie wurde mit leichten Beschädigungen an der Riffelung geliefert. Nicht so schlimm, dass es mir die Haut am Rücken aufreißen würde. Ich setze die BowBar als weitere Variante zu lowbar Squat und Box-Squat (sonst mit SSB) ein. Das für mich kippelige Gefühl dieser Bar ist eine neue Erfahrung.

M.S. (Germany)
Great Bar

Ich trainiere jetzt schon seit 20 Jahren und habe so einige Spezial Hantelstangen ausprobiert und lieben gelernt,aber die Buffalo Bar erschien mir immer überflüssig . Habe mich trotzdem entschieden eine zu kaufen und ich hätte nie gedacht das sie so einen Unterschied macht. Jede einzelne Übung fühlt sich um einiges besser mit ihr an. Besonders hervorzuheben ist das Schulter oder Nackendrücken. Man kommt noch einen Tick tiefer in die Dehnung und es fühlt sich einfach für die Handgelenke und Schultern unglaublich natürlich an...meine absolute Lieblingshantel und das schon nach kurzer Zeit. Knurling und dicke dieser Stange sind auch top. Alles in allem wirkt sie unzerstörbar... unbedingte Kaufempfehlung

Giacomo S. (Italy)
Game changer

If you suffer for elbow or wrist pain, This bar it’s a game changer! Much better after the purchase

Johan F. (Finland)
Perfect Bow Bar

This bar is amazing for the price. Great quality.
Strengthshop used to have an older model that had some problems. The coating came off as sharp metal shards and the sleeve bolts got loose with use.
THIS IS NOT THE SAME MODEL. Everything has been perfected.

G.C. (Latvia)
Best bar for squats!

I bought this bar specifically for squats and it is awesome. It is very comfortable on my back and arms are in a better position. It is very thick compared to a regular bar and it allows for a better grip. If you are serious about squats this is a great buy! Also the price is awesome compared to alternatives.

Sam (Germany)

DIe Bow Bar entspricht der Beschreibung, wurde sehr schnell geliefert und macht Spaß im Training. Sorgt für die notwendige Variation bei Squats und Bench Press.