Olympic Cambered Bench/Row Bar - 20KG

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The Strength Shop Cambered Bench/Row Bar is a great way to add extra range of movement to bench press and rowing movements, as opposed to a straight bar which is limited as soon as it reaches your chest when pressing.

In addition to the camber, this bar features variable width neutral grips, which takes a considerable amount of pressure off the shoulder joint during pressing movements. This makes this bar an ideal tool for rehab work when strengthening and mobilizing injured shoulders. It´s also a great way to add some variety to common movements and keep your muscles guessing from one training session to the next. The neutral handles are knurled with a 28mm diameter, providing a firm grip. Additionally, it comes with a collar. 

Makes a nice complementary bar to our cambered bench press bar, which features a similar camber but on a straight Olympic style barbell.

Total length: 196,4cm
Sleeve length: 31,7cm
Incl. screw collar
Camber at opening: 54,5cm
Camber at top: 35 cm
Handle spacing (centre to centre): 60cm and 77cm
Handle length: 21cm
Handle diameter: 28mm
Sleeve diameter: 48mm
Knurling: relatively sharp
Weight: 20kg 

Customer Reviews

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P.B. (Sweden)

Its good, but im having some issues with the measurements, mostly. Im 190cm 90kg.

Heres my thoughts and feedback.

Total length: Why not longer so it weighs 20kg?
Sleeve length: Mine isnt 31,7cm, its 35,8mm.
Handle spacing (centre to centre): Feels as you could narrow it to 55cm and it would still fit most of us, 2nd handle on 70-71 and you could almost fit a third.
Handle length: Around 14-16cm would be enough. The piece feels unnecessarily wide.
Sleeve diameter: Why not 50mm?
Weight: Mine weighs 18kg. Thats annoying.

Distance between sleeves is too narrow I think, makes it hard to rack when benching. Safety issue. + 9-10cm would be better.

Jeffrey (Netherlands)
Good product

Good product, but does’t fit in my seal row bench. That is a little bit unfortunately. But the bar is strong en feels good.

sehr gut das teil

habe mir das teil vor circa 2 Monaten gekauft. Ist einfach nur super. Kann ich nur empfehlen.