Heavy Duty Olympic Hex/Trap Bar - 2.38M

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Heavy duty Olympic Hex/Trap Bar, with two handles giving the options of pulling from different heights.

With long loading pins.

Ideal for hip development when deadlifting, and taking strain off the back.

The Hex bar might be one of the strangest pieces of gym equipment you will see in the gym today. Don't let that put you off though, it's an excellent addition to any serious strength and conditioning set-up.


One reason for this is it's ability to reduce tension on the lumbar spine whilst developing lower body power. It does this by allowing you to step “into” the bar instead of standing behind it. This means you will be able to drive more weight off the floor with your hips and legs in a more upright position without the strength of your back coming into question.


The Hex bar is also a useful tool for teaching beginners how to deadlift without the dangers of weak backs and poor flexibility getting in their way, and for tall athletes who struggle to deadlift conventionally.


The bar fits in most racks, cages or rigs.

Approximate dimensions:
Overall Length: 238 cm
Width: 76 cm
Height: 16 cm

Weight: approximately 40 kg

Width between handles: 58 cm
Sleeve Length: 46.5 cm
Diameter loading pin: 50 mm
Diameter grip: 30 mm

Rated to 400 kg

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stefan H. (Germany)
Ein muß

Optimale Ergänzung. Ein muß für alle Kraftorientierten!

Davey (Germany)
Brilliant bar.

This Trap bar meets all expectations. The loading space is fantastic.
Highly recommended for anyone building their own home gym.
Great addition to my home gym.

Martin K.
Perfekte Hexbar

40kg Heavy Duty Hex bar, die tut, was sie soll. Habe sie mir aus Gründen der Reha nach einem Bandscheibenvorfall gekauft und liebe sie. Aufrechteres Heben mit weniger Hebel und super für mehr ROM bei Seal rows und Farmer walks. Größe ist optimal für jeden der Platz hat und erst recht für alle, die bumper plates benutzen, um die schwer zu beladen. Rändelung passt, ist scharf und dürfte für mich etwas schärfer sein. Aber das ist Geschmacksache.

Probably one of the best trap bars out there!

Purchased it so you could deadlift trap bar from the rack - not disappointed at all! Fits perfectly!


-well made-cheap-heavy duty (40kg)-must have if you wanna look like a badass!'

Excellent piece of equipment

It is awesome!