Plate Mounted Core Trainer/T Bar Row

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Plate Mounted Core Trainer / T-Bar Row, designed to be inserted into a plate allowing you to perform T-Bar rows and a range of ab exercises. Ideal for building a big back and strong abs!

The Core Trainer can move in all directions - the mechanism allows the bar to move up and down, and the whole Core Trainer can rotate side to side within the plates resulting in a fluid movement in any direction with the bar! Up and down, side to side, diagonally. Suitable for half moon core exercises.

This compact, inexpensive, and versatile piece of equipment turns a standard barbell and plates in to a functional/core training powerhouse, allowing for:

Dynamic and challenging work from unconventional angles:
● Train from standing, kneeling, or supine position
● Use one or two hands
● Twist, pull and push across planes of motion

A variety of unconventional variations and combinations of:
● Rows
● Twists
● Lunges, squats, and deadlifts
● Cleans, presses, and more!

This provides real versatility when programming for not only conventional strength disciplines, but also valuable sport-specific training for athletes who compete from unusual positions and angles, such as combat sports, track and field, rugby and American football.

It´s also a real grip killer, as you´ll be gripping a rotating 50 mm Olympic barbell sleeve! Alternately, use our T-Platform Handles for your rows.

Fits standard 50 mm Olympic bars and plates.

*Plates and bar not included


Customer Reviews

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Kenneth M. (Norway)
Awesome piece of kit

This is a really robust, well made item. it doesn't just pop out of the plates when being used either .Definitely recommended for any home gym.