Silver Dollar Deadlift Attachments, Pair

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What is a Silver Dollar Deadlift?

The “Silver Dollar” actually plays a role in this variation, even though just a historical one. This type of deadlift has been around since the early days of World Strongest Man competitions. A fillable box was mounted on each of the barbell's sleeves and the weight was then poured into the boxes, you guessed it, in the form of silver dollars. The name has remained to this day, but methodically, the silver dollar deadlift is now a little easier to set up.

A modern adaptation

The lift is now an integral part of the Strongwoman/Strongman sport. With the attachments for barbells, you can now integrate this lift easily into your strong(wo)man training without having to rely on the classic but also quite bulky metal boxes. It's also practical for all types of gyms, as they are easy to attach, are loaded with regular plates and can be stored away after use to save space. Each Silver Dollar Deadlift Attachment weighs 29kg, combined both attachments weigh 58kg. This solid manufacturing method ensures the extreme resilience of the silver dollar attachments. Small foot plates also provide stability. The loading pin is suitable for 50mm weight plates. The attachments are made of high quality, very thick steel with a matt black powder coating and a chrome-plated loading pin. 

What makes the Silver Dollar Deadlift different from the regular deadlift?

Admittedly, this lift is special and is primarily known from Strongman/Strongwoman events. If you want to simplify it, it is a deadlift from an elevated position. There are of course more details to it if you go into depth. The weight and the centre of gravity are shifted, so you have to pull the slack out of the bar for quite a long time before the weight moves off the floor. This is where the strong elasticity of good deadlift bars comes into play. On our Silver Dollar attachments, the bar has a height of 46cm, one of the standardized heights for this lift variation at Strong(wo)man competitions. 


  • Weight per attachment: 29kg (total weight 58kg)
  • Starting position:46cm
  • Total height: 48cm
  • Length: 63cm
  • Width: 20cm
  • Length of bar attachment: 22cm
  • Diameter of bar holder: 6cm
  • Length of the loading pin: 29.5cm
  • Loading pin diameter: 50mm, fits 50mm weight plates 

Please note: the price refers to the accessories only, the barbell is for display purposes only.

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