Solid Steel Swiss Bar - 27KG

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The Strength Shop Solid Steel Swiss bar, provides the facility to work with a completely neutral grip and three different grip widths for a variety of pressing and rowing exercises.

Unlike our standard Swiss Bar, this is solid steel - it weighs heavier and can handle a lot more weight!

Ideal for those with shoulder problems and anyone looking to add some variety into their training.

Suitable for a variety of lifts, including;

Bench press
Tricep extensions
Hammer curls
Bent Over Rows

Weight: ca. 27 kg
Overall length: 210 cm
Width: 19 cm
Depth: 5 cm

Loadable sleeve length: 40 cm

Diameter handles: 35 mm

Length of middle box section: 82 cm

Please see our barbell terms and conditions.

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Tolle Stange. Gute Verarbeitung. Wiegt in Wirklichkeit etwas mehr als 30 kg. Und wie immer ein perfekter Service. Lebe in Frankreich auf dem Land und zwei Tage nach dem Versand war die Lieferung auch schon da. Zum dritten Mal. Das schafft die Konkurrenz nicht. Da wartet man oft Wochen.