Stealth Black PRO Lifting Straps, 50cm or 65cm

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Durable PRO line lifting straps

Created from a tough cotton-linen mix, these all-black lifting straps will stick by your side. The durable material naturally has a textured surface, helping to build tension between strap and equipment, to generate a strong grip. 

The Stealth Black PRO Lifting Straps are part of our PRO line with a sleek, simple yet high-grade quality look. Featuring a slim cushioning, they disperse and ease pressure on the top of your wrists, for added protection, making them more comfortable even with bigger loads. A subtle left-right marking aids in putting them on quickly. They come in an airy mesh bag that keeps your straps organised and close at hand, in your gym bag.

Using lifting straps for your individual and versatile training routines 

Lifting straps are versatile and are not just restricted to barbell exercises. Most people probably come across lifting straps for deadlifts, but there are many other exercises in which they can be helpful. Basically, any pulling movement that requires a strong grip which is performed with a barbell, dumbbell or bar-like handle, like deadlift variations, row variations, pull-ups or pull-downs, can be enhanced by using straps. Our PRO Lifting Straps are available in two lengths. The 65cm XL version is great when you're working with axle bars, for example.

➲ Maintain a strong grip and focus on the target muscle or exercise, to train efficiently and achieve improved strength and muscle growth.


  • Material: durable cotton-linen mix
  • Colour: all-black
  • Total length: 50cm / 65cm
  • Width: 3.5cm
  • Cushion length: 11cm
  • Left-right markings
  • Incl. black airy mesh bag
  • Wash at max. 30°
  • Sold as pair 

Enhance your wrist stability during pressing exercises, like bench press, and choose from our big range of wrist wraps.


Do I need lifting straps?

Let’s say your goal is to become a stronger athlete, then incorporating lifting straps into your routine can definitely be a game-changer. If you are struggling with maintaining a strong and firm grip, it's time to consider incorporating straps into your training routines. 

By reinforcing your grip, lifting straps allow you to redirect your focus on the targeted muscle group or exercise, rather than the weights not slipping out of your hands. Far from being a cheat, lifting straps are actually a deliberate tool for specific exercises or phases of your training program. By using lifting straps when necessary, you can lift heavier weights and/or perform more reps, which will lead to increased volume and/or intensity and this, leads down the road of becoming stronger.

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Anton B. (Croatia)

Stealth Black PRO Lifting Straps, 50cm or 65cm

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Stealth Black PRO Lifting Straps, 50cm or 65cm

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Stealth Black PRO Lifting Straps, 50cm or 65cm

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Good product

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