Original Texas Deadlift Bar - Chrome Sleeves

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The Texas Bar is one of the best there is and unlike generic/cheaper bars, is built to last. The Texas Power Bar was developed by Buddy Capps (a Texas powerlifter, expert machinist and innovator) more than 30 years ago and has since become the standard in powerlifting.

* Previously these bars were sold with bare steel sleeves. They now feature chrome coated sleeves to help prevent rust.

There are deadlift bars and then there are Texas Deadlift Bars.

Many companies sell deadlift bars these days, but few can withstand the test of time and heavy use like Texas Deadlift Bars by Buddy Capps.

The first Texas Power Bars were made in 1980 by Buddy Capps - Texas powerlifter, expert machinist and innovator.

Buddy forever changed powerlifting with his special steel formula and revolutionary sleeve design, and his bars have been used ever since by thousands of powerlifters and powerlifting competitions worldwide. Texas bar owners can be proud to be a part of the long lineage of this classic backbone of the sport.

Barbell Specs:

• Weight - 20kg
• Length - 2.3m
• Shaft - Sprung Tempered Steel
• Shaft Diameter - 27mm
• Distance Between Rings - 810mm
• Loadable Sleeve Length - 400mm
• Centre Knurling? - No
• Knurling Type - Coarse
• Sleeve Type - Brass Bushings with chrome coated sleeves
• Recommended Max Load/Rating - 2000lbs Static rating, 190K PSI Tensile strength. No maximum load for Powerlifts - any weight.

Sleeves are made up of one piece construction with no bolts to lose, and have brass bushings.

This bar can handle even your biggest deadlift. It is one of the strongest, most robust bars on the market, and will require low-level maintenance.

Texas Deadlift Bars are the Official Competition Bars of the Global Powerlifting Alliance (GPA) and the International Powerlifting Organization (IPO) and used in many other federations.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
PistolPete (Germany)

Sehr intensives Knurling und die schönste und qualitativ hochwertigste Langhantel, die ich je hatte. Kann ich nur weiterempfehlen.

Janis G. (Belgium)
Nice grip/flex and a true collector’s item

I bought this bar because I only hear good things about it. The knurling is very agressive, harder than on my ohio power bar. It takes some getting used to, but it translates to a very nice grip. It feels good to be able to pull the slack out of the bar and get some momentum when you deadlift. I’m not the biggest deadlifter, but at 200kg the bar bend is already visible 😁 Overall very happy with my purchase!

M.R. (Greece)
Texas Deadlift bar - the only one worth having

I have been wanting a Texas Deadlift bar for so long. Not only because I like deadlifting, but as a collectable as well. What can I say, it's perfect. Aggressive knurling with mountain peak pattern to make sure you holding on for your life, starts having whip even from the 200 kgs range, and up to 270 kgs it really shows you the difference. Nice chrome sleeves to prevent rust, I own one for few months now, and I'm super satisfied from it. Best buy I've ever made for my home gym.

Gheorghe C.
Excellent Barbell

Outstanding quality, very good feeling of the grip.

Nick M.
Great product, would recommend.

They got restocked at about the time we were told. Very good quality, obviously nothing needs to be said about the Texas Deadlift Bar itself (it's the gold standard).

Arrived quite fast. Thank you Strengthshop.

Tiago L. (Portugal)

Melhor barra de sempre