Wall Mounted Dip Horns

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Dipping movements are important to include in your overall strength and conditioning training: They improve your upper body’s pushing force in the shoulders, triceps, chest and forearms, while complementing muscles developed from pulling movements.

Our Wall Mounted Dip Horns add functionality and versatility to your gym setup without taking up valuable space.

The dip horns can be easily mounted on your wall and feature a solid steel plate with four bolt holes to ensure maximum security once fastened. With versatility in mind, the angled handles (from wide to narrow) will suit athletes of all sizes and enable a range of different dip variations. Additionally, the textured matte black powder coating lends extra grip for performing bodyweight or weighted dips.

A rock solid accessory, the Wall Mounted Dip Horns enable you to integrate dips into your routine with ease and are invaluable for your training line-up. The dip horns taper from the opening at the widest point with a distance of 67cm, to 57cm in the middle and come to 50cm at the narrowest point.


  • Depth - 82cm
  • Width - 69.5cm
  • Height (of plate) - 25.5cm
  • Width (of plate) - 13cm 
  • Diameter of bar/grip - 45mm
  • Weight - 10kg
  • Max recommended load - 185KG
  • Comes with all required fittings

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