ZKC Olympic Weightlifting Wrist Wraps, Non-Stretch – 100% Cotton

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ZKC: 40 years of experience in the field of weightlifting

Chinese Weightlifting has its very own reputation in the world of Olympic weightlifting. Zhang Kong, or ZKC, is widely recognized as China's main supplier of Olympic weightlifting equipment. ZKC has 40 years of experience under its belt and has developed and produced the core of the Chinese weightlifting equipment. In 2005, they were approved by the International Weightlifting Federation. Their equipment has been used in the Olympic Games and over 20 world and Olympic records were made with their EQ

Train with the traditional Chinese weightlifting style wrist wraps

The ZKC wrist wraps are made with quality cotton material for durability. At 100cm in length and 8cm in width, they offer sufficient coverage for your wrists to build up the needed support. The sides are reinforced to avoid fraying and ensure they maintain their shape. Simply wrap them around your wrists to achieve the necessary stiffness for demanding movements like snatches, clean and jerks or other overhead movements. To fasten, use the attached string.

➲ How to put on Chinese weightlifting wrist wraps

Wrap the cotton bandages around the wrist and secure them with the string from the other end by wrapping it around the wrist as well. Take the end of the string and pull it under the wrapped string to fix the wrist wrap. The wraps do not need to be completely tight when wrapping the wrist. When you've put them on, you can tighten them further by twisting the outer layers in the direction of the wrapping, as if you were tightening a screw thread.

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  • Material: 100% non-stretch cotton
  • Colour: black and white
  • Measurements: 100cm x 8cm
  • Wrap and tie to fasten
  • Sold as pair


Why do weightlifters wear wrist wraps?

In Olympic weightlifting, the wrist is under a lot of strain, compared to the relatively small joint structure. Both disciplines, the snatch and the clean and jerk, finish in an overhead position at relative max weight or training weight. Support of the wrist will help the lifter in training and also on the competition platform to keep progressing by helping to prevent overuse and possible injuries

What are the benefits of wrist wraps?

By stabilizing and dispersing the weight through the wrist joint, in the overhead position, the Olympic weightlifting wrist wraps aid the lifter in having a stable yet flexible enough base to catch their lifts. Most weightlifters, at least with relative heavy weights or high volume, will make use of wrist wraps in training or competition. Moreover, it can reduce discomfort and you can keep training through minor wrist issues.
Athletes who use fitting wrist support during training may be able to train for prolonged periods with less fatigue of forearms and hands, experiencing a quicker recovery. Over time, this can lead to better results in their performance.

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