What Are the Best Lifting Straps?

What Are the Best Lifting Straps?

Picture this. You’re in the gym and about to go for a deadlift PR. 

You set up at the bar, take a deep breath and brace, push through your feet, pull and…the bar slips from your hands. Despite feeling like you’ve got plenty in the tank, your grip has failed. 

If you don’t use lifting straps, you’ll have to lower the weight, saying goodbye to that 5-rep PR. If you do use straps, you can redirect your focus to the lift (and the muscles you’re targeting) – rather than worrying about your grip.

But what straps should you choose – and what should you know before buying? Read on to find out everything you need to know about choosing lifting straps.

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What you need to know about lifting straps 

What are the benefits of using lifting straps? 

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What you need to know about lifting straps 

Other than colour and branding, lifting straps differ in four ways: 

  1. Material: Common strap materials include cotton, leather, and nylon. We like cotton and nylon the best. As a natural fibre, cotton is comfortable and breathable. It also absorbs sweat well and can be easier to grip during particularly gruelling sessions. Nylon is durable and tear-resistant, and more flexible than cotton.
  2. Length: The length of your straps can impact the functionality. Longer straps offer more wrap-around for a secure grip, while shorter straps can be easier to set up and adjust. For regular deadlifting, longer straps are probably unnecessary.
  3. Width: Wider straps provide a larger surface area for grip, which can be beneficial for heavy lifts. Narrower straps might be more comfortable for some lifters – it depends on your wrist size.

Additionally, you’ll want to choose between traditional straps and figure of 8 straps.

Figure of 8 straps wrap around the wrist and then the bar, offering a secure and tight grip, especially useful for deadlifts.

This style can enhance lifting efficiency by evenly distributing the weight across the hand and wrist, reducing grip fatigue. It reduces set-up time at the bar – but they’re not recommended for Olympic lifting, as there’s no quick release.

(Not sure how they work? You can watch how to use our Figure 8 lifting straps here). 

Here are some of the most popular lifting straps we sell at Strength Shop

Product Name


Recommended Sports

Originals Lifting Straps (Various Colors)

Versatile use, high-quality cotton

General lifting

Figure of 8 - Heavy Duty

Enhanced grip, even weight distribution

Deadlift training, Strong(wo)man 

Heavy Duty Extra Long Lifting Straps

Suitable for longer reach, extra durable

Axle deadlifts, Strong(wo)man

Inferno Lifting Straps

Tougher material than Originals

Deadlift training, Strong(wo)man

Anchor - Black & White

Quick-release loop

Olympic weightlifting

PRO Lifting Straps

High level of support, two length options (50cm/60cm)

Deadlift training, Strong(wo)man

What are the benefits of using lifting straps? 

By reinforcing your grip, lifting straps allow you to redirect your focus on the targeted muscle group or exercise rather than being concerned about the weight slipping out of your hands.

Enhanced grip strength and endurance.

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. Lifting straps enable you to handle heavier weights without grip failure. This allows you to focus on lifting the weight without being let down by your grip. Straps are also useful for bodybuilders, who can better focus on wearing down their target muscles rather than wasting energy on their grip. (Fong et al., 2022).

Improved lifting technique (and injury prevention): 

As well as enhancing your grip overall, lifting straps can help you maintain proper technique, especially in exercises that involve lifting heavy loads. By securing the grip on the bar, straps facilitate a more stable and consistent lift, leading to better overall form and potentially reducing the risk of injury (Fong et al., 2022). 

Injury prevention

Lifting straps can also prevent musculoskeletal injuries by distributing the load more evenly across the hands and wrists. This reduces the strain on other body parts, which is crucial for preventing overuse injuries and promoting better musculoskeletal health – especially when lifting heavy weights over extended periods (Lavender et al., 2019; Xu et al., 2021).

Reduced perceived exertion

Interestingly, straps also give you a psychological boost. Researchers found that lifting straps can decrease the perceived exertion during lifting exercises. This means that athletes can perform exercises, particularly those involving heavy weights, with a lower sensation of effort, enabling them to train more effectively and for longer durations (Fong et al., 2022).

Why should you choose Strength Shop?

Strength Shop has been a trusted name in strength sports for over a decade. We’ve been supplying lifting straps to top athletes, including record-setters in strength sports.

An option for every type of lifter: We understand that each lifter has their own goals and needs. That's why our range includes various styles of straps, from those designed for quick movements to those offering maximum support. We also include both figure of eight lifting straps and traditional straps.  With prices starting from just €8.98, we provide quality without breaking the bank. 

Reliability you can trust:  Every product we sell has a 2-year warranty. With a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot, you can trust us to provide you with the products you need to maximise your gains. 

What our customers think:

“I’ve never used straps before however I got the figure 8 heavy duty lifting straps for a strongman competition and I’ve been using them on an axle bar and they’ve been great! They’re built so study and they make such a difference. I recommend.”

  • A review of our Heavy Duty Figure of 8 Lifting Straps on Strength Shop UK

  • “Comfortable, sturdy and at a great price. Very happy with the purchase.”

  • A review of our Extra Long Lifting Straps on Strength Shop UK  

    “These straps are pretty good and I recommend you buy them.”

  • A review of our Originals Lifting Straps on Strength Shop EU

  • FAQ

    How do I choose the correct size of lifting strap?

    Most lifting straps are one-size-fits-all, although the length and thickness may vary. For those who want a strap with moderate support, consider our Originals Lifting Straps. If you want to choose between 50 and 65cm, our PRO Lifting Straps are a great option.

    And for maximum support and length, we offer Heavy Duty Extra Long Straps.

    Are lifting straps cheating? 

    Lifting straps enable you to focus on your exercise instead of being limited by your grip. Straps are not IPF-approved for powerlifting meets, however, they are commonly used in Strong(wo)man.

    How tight should the lifting straps be?

    Lifting straps should be tight enough to provide a secure grip on the bar without cutting off circulation or causing discomfort. They should enhance your grip without compromising movement or comfort. Finding the right balance is key for effective support.

    Can lifting straps help with pre-existing wrist or grip issues?

    While lifting straps can assist in reducing strain on your wrists and improve grip strength, they are not a replacement for medical treatment. If you have existing wrist or grip issues, it's important to consult a healthcare professional before using lifting straps or engaging in heavy lifting.

    How should I care for my Strength Shop lifting straps? 

    To maintain the quality of your lifting straps, hand-wash them in cold water and air-dry. Don’t use harsh detergents. 

    Choose Strength Shop lifting straps

    Adding lifting straps to your gym bag is a great way to make sure you won’t be limited by your grip on your next PR attempt.

    With nearly 15 years experience making strength equipment, Strength Shop has lifting straps to suit every lifter – whether you’re a beginner, or a world-class athlete. 

    Shop lifting straps 


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