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Super Liquid Magnesia

Super zufrieden mit dem Liquid Magnesia es trocknet schnell staubt nicht übermässig ist super ergibig man braucht wirklich nicht viel und gibt super halt wenn's leer ist wird hier definitiv neues bestellt

Sehr gut

Sehr gute Qualität 👍🏻

Perfect for a loadable mace

I use them with a loadable mace, exactly what I needed.

Triangle Weight Tree
John G. (United Kingdom)
Works as intended

The wight tree is assembled easily and built robustly without taking a ton of place. I use it in my home gym and it easily holds 240 kgs of plates.

It was a game changer in my workouts, its solid and it does his dam job.

Stealth Black PRO Wrist Wraps – Medium, 30cm/60cm or 90cm, IPF Approved

Olympic Bow Bar, 2.3M
Martin (Switzerland)
Bow Bar

Meine wiegt exakt 24.1Kg. Sie wurde mit leichten Beschädigungen an der Riffelung geliefert. Nicht so schlimm, dass es mir die Haut am Rücken aufreißen würde. Ich setze die BowBar als weitere Variante zu lowbar Squat und Box-Squat (sonst mit SSB) ein. Das für mich kippelige Gefühl dieser Bar ist eine neue Erfahrung.

Riot Deadlift Slippers - IPF Legal

Great equipment. Arrived perfectly on time as always.

Top Qualität

Wie alles von Strength Shop, sind die super.


The socks are incredibly comfortable, with a snug fit that stays in place throughout my entire workout. The material is soft yet durable, providing the perfect balance of comfort and support.
They are built to last. After several intense training sessions and washes, they still look and feel brand new. The high-quality stitching and materials ensure that these socks can withstand the rigors of regular, heavy use.
The design is simple yet stylish, with the StrengthShop logo adding a nice touch.
They provide the perfect combination of comfort, support, and durability, making them an essential addition to any lifter's gear. Five stars! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Great quality, great support, 0 problems

Great quality, works great only a tad bit uncomfortable but thats to be expected

Multi Grip Thick Curl Bar
Ward V. (Belgium)

Multi Grip Thick Curl Bar

So far, so good

First impression: good!
keeps you warm (like every other neoprene pants), but flexible especially for moving events.
Grip works good on loading stones.
The cut is not perfect, but still fits good.
However, I’d recommend it especially because of the price compared to others.

Chest Supported Lat Row Bench

Excellent backpack

Very good quality and a lot of space.

Buon prodotto

Buon prodotto, leggermente fuori bolla, ma di poco. Quattro stelle credo sia una giusta valutazione. Che altro posso dire? Lo uso spesso, è (quasi) perfetto per le mie esigenze.

Seal Row 2.0 / Chinese Row Bench

Black Lever Belt, 10mm - IPF Approved
stijn m. (The Netherlands)
No complaints

In class now not much to say it just works and it works good 10/10

Z☠️NE Bear Down Steel Blood - Dry Smelling Salt

Riot Smelling Salts
Noa S. (Croatia)

Amazing smelling salts

superb quality