Bastard Deadlift Bar, Nickel Plated Shaft

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Introducing the Bastard Deadlift Bar, a specialised new addition to our range that's designed specifically for deadlifting. Longer, more flexible, and fine-tuned for performance, this bar is all about elevating your deadlift experience. It has more flex than a power bar, no centre knurling, and a 27mm shaft for a smooth lift. 

Elite lifters use the Bastard Deadlift Bar for both competition and training: the max suggested load of the bar is 400kg.


Your investment is safe with our 3-year performance warranty. We stand by the quality of our products, so you can deadlift with confidence and focus on what matters: improving your strength. 

For other lifts, check out our Bastard Power Bar.


Weight: 20kg
Length: 2.3m
Shaft Material: Sprung Steel
Shaft Diameter: 27mm
Distance Between Rings: 810mm
Centre Knurling: No
Knurling Type: Sharp
Sleeve Type: Bronze Bushings
Recommended Max Load/Rating: 3,985lbs / 1807kgs static rating, 205K PSI Tensile strength.
Max suggested load: 400kg
Coating: Nickel-plated
Warranty: 3-year performance warranty (See T&Cs for full details)


What makes the Bastard Deadlift Bar different from regular barbells?
Specifically designed for deadlifting, it's longer with more 'flex' and has no centre knurling, allowing for an optimal deadlift experience.

What colours are available?
The deadlift bar is available with a black chrome or nickel-plated shaft. 

Is the bar suitable for competition training?
Yes, the Bastard Deadlift Bar is used in competition by several Powerlifting federations, making it suitable for competition training.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rene Z. (Austria)
Bastard Deadlift Bar

Absolut geniale Stange ... mit dem super angenehmen scharfen Knurling und dem 27mm Durchmesser zum Deadliften einfach um Welten besser zu greifen als meine normale 28.5mm PowerBar. Nicht ganz billig aber für Deadlift begeisterte auf jeden Fall den Preis wert. Würd ich mir auf jeden Fall wieder kaufen.

Absolutely perfect bar ... with its very nice sharp knurling and its 27mm diameter its much better to grab than my normal 28.5mm PowerBar. This bar is not that cheap but for people with deadlift ambition definitely worth the money. Would buy it again.

Gute Investition

Heute habe ich diese Schönheit getestet. Ich bin begeistert. Die Rändelung ist sehr angenehm. Die Rändelung ist optimal und gibt zuverlässigen grip. Das heben mit dieser Stange ist sehr schön, bei ca 180kg merkt man, dass sie sich etwas mehr biegt, man fühlt sich, durch einige Zentimeter, die das Gewicht später den Boden verlässt, stärker. Der Griffdurchmesser von 27cm ist perfekt fürs Kreuzheben, es ist schon Wahnsinn, wie der Unterschied zu einer 28,5cm Stange ist. Von meiner Seite aus, eine klare Kaufempfehlung. Diese Stange ist ihr Geld wert. Es muss keine Eleiko oder eine Texas sein, auch wenn man Wettkampfambitionen hat. Selbst als \Gym-Inhaber\ ist diese Stange super geeignet.

Hampus E.
A great ego-builder for the deadlift

I haven't had the pleasure to try the Texas deadlift bar, but I have 10 plus years of lifting experience and my favorite lift is the deadlift.When I built my home-gym I bought myself a Eleiko powerlifting barbell to use for the big three lifts. I love that sturdy, stiff and robust bar. However - It killed my ego in the deadlift due to the stiffness. Back when I trained in local gyms they always had a softer, cheaper barbell that flexed. That way the weight came gradually. With the Eleiko I failed more regularly in the start. This lead to me losing the hope of ever seen progress in the deadlift again.With this bar I get that soft start, but with a good knurling. Yes, the \u201cmild\u201d knurling on this bar is actually quite sharp - Near to being aggressive. I would say that it's just right for a good grip without tearing callouses. The downside as a conventional puller is that the sharp knurling on the deadlift bastard bar starts closer to the center compared to a regular powerlifting barbell. I recon that sumo pullers might enjoy that feature, but as a conventional puller that means more risk of road rash on my shins. After owning it for a couple of weeks I love this bar, and I am hopeful that I will finally reach a 300 kg pull with the help of this one!