Calibrated Bastard Deadlift Bar, Nickel Plated Shaft

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Calibrated deadlift bar: take your deadlift game to the next level

The deadlift bar offers numerous advantages that make it a valuable tool for both sumo and conventional deadlifts. What sets it apart is its exceptional flexibility, which enables lifters to generate greater force and attain optimal form throughout each repetition. With 205K tensile strength, this bar is made for the extra heavy lifts

⤿ For the barbell connoisseur: this bar is calibrated to +/-50gr of 20kg, making it extremely precise.

Designed for durability and performance

The bar features three solid bronze bushings per sleeve, providing durability and reducing the need for maintenance. Measuring 27mm in shaft diameter and 2.3m in total length, its sprung steel shaft offers a significant amount of flexibility. Its sharp knurling, and the absence of a centre knurling, make it perfect for deadlifts. The powerlifting grip marking at 81cm lets you switch between bars and always get your individual setup right.

Perfect match: Calibrated Deadlift Bar and IPF Approved Calibrated Plates.


  • Calibrated +/-50gr of 20kg
  • Weight: 20kg
  • Total length: 230cm
  • Loadable sleeve length: 370mm
  • Sleeve lip: 62mm
  • Centre knurling: no
  • Grip markings: 81cm | Powerlifting 
  • Shaft length: 143.5cm
  • Shaft diameter: 27mm
  • Shaft material: sprung steel
  • Plating: nickel-phosphorus
  • Sleeve diameter: 50cm 
  • Sleeve type: 3 bronze bushings per sleeve
  • Knurling type: sharp
  • Max. suggested load: 450kg
  • 205K PSI tensile strength


Is a deadlift bar just for deadlifts?

A deadlift bar is exclusively designed for deadlifts and is not really suitable for other static, or Olympic lifts. With its smaller diameter and the greater amount of whip, the deadlift bar is specialized for only that particular exercise. Some federations, mostly in the US, use deadlift bars in competition, so this would allow you to train deadlifts more specifically with the correct type of barbell for such an event.

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