Chalk Ball - 56G

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Strengthshop Chalk Ball

Strengthshop chalk uses a magensium carbonate formula which gives you a reliable and firm grip during lifting. Sweaty palms are a nuisance in the gym, so we designed a chalk that would consistently keep your hands dry thoughout workouts. Chalk balls are a great solution for keeping mess in the gym to a minimum and even and longer lasting distribution.


Lift heavier and longer:
Using chalk will give you the added grip you need for multiple repetitions or heavy singles and allow you to concentrate on the set.

Keeps sweaty hands dry:
Chalk can give you the confidence to attempt your heaviest lifts without worrying about slipping. Just a thin layer of chalk across your hands should provide you with a firm hold on the bar.

Keep your hands in good shape and avoid skin tears:
Chalk works by absorbing moisture from your hands and forming a thin barrier between your skin and the barbell. The chalk on your skin and palms will help prevent tearing, especially if you already have calluses.

Additional Specifications:
- 1 x 56g chalk ball in fabric pouch
- Used to aid grip for Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Strongman, functional training and general gym training

Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Ball, 56g

Customer Reviews

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F. (Germany)
Nice to have!

Easy to handle, practical thing.

Felix L.

Great product I would take il Back !!

Tim H. (Germany)

Handy bag of quality chalk. Super fast delivery and quality service as ever