Garage Cage - 1.85M High

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The Strength Shop Garage Cage is perfect for those who need a high-quality, durable power cage but have a training space with a low ceiling. Standing at 1.85m, the Garage Cage offers all of the benefits of our Power Cage but with a compact footprint. It includes band hooks at the top and bottom, dipping handles, and a removable pull-up/chin-up bar.

We’ve added bar holders to the cage’s front and back for added exercise versatility. The safety bars and bar holders can be adjusted incrementally, making the cage suitable for lifters of all sizes. The pull-up bar is removable, so it doesn’t get in the way when you’re not using it. 

Designed to support up to 400kg, this cage is suitable for beginner and advanced lifters alike.


Floor to top side of pullup bar: 185 cm
Floor to underside of pullup bar: 183 cm
Floor to top of back crossbar: 180.5 cm
Floor to underside of back crossbar: 174.5 cm
Width: 120 cm
Depth: 150 cm (104 cm upright to upright)
Tube Size: 60x60x2mm
Dip handles:
Distance apart: 66 cm
Length: 30 cm each
Diameter: 30 mm
Pull-up bar:
Diameter: 30 mm
Safety catchers:
Diameter: 25 mm
Note: Powder-coated finish, subject to wear over time
Band pegs:
Length: 25 cm
Weight: 98 kg
Load capacity: Rated to 400 kg


Is the pull-up bar adjustable?
Yes. Due to the short height of the cage, the pull-up bar is removable. This is so it doesn’t get in the way of other exercises (such as squatting). 

Can the Strength Shop Garage Cage support heavy weights?
Yes. The Garage Cage can support up to 400kg, making it the perfect cage for serious lifters with a small training space.  

Are there additional attachments available for this cage?
Additional attachments, such as Webbing Safety Catchers, can be bought separately.

How complex is the assembly of the cage?
The cage assembly is straightforward, and we’ll provide detailed instructions. For safety reasons, we recommend having two people assemble it if possible.

Does the cage come with a warranty?
The Garage Cage comes with a 2-year warranty, covering manufacturer faults.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Patrick K.T. (Denmark)
Garage cage 1.85M

Have been doing squats, bench presses, pulls ups and rack pulls from the Garage cage for a couple a weeks now and I absolute love it. I’m 1.80 cm. tall, so the un rack is a bit low, but no problem at at all. Just force you to keep the core extra tight at this point.
It is placed in a basement with a 2.24 cm. ceiling, and thats perfect for the pull ups.
5 stats from here, and definitely lot af value og quality for the price.


super happy with the material received and the very neat and fast delivery. thanks to this equipment I can train quietly in complete safety, robust and of high quality. Frankly, I recommend. Very good product. No regrets.

T.L. (Germany)
Used it for almost a year and a half

I have bought this cage in the beginning of the second lockdown in December 2020. Though the probably high number of orders the cage was delivered very fast (I am from Germany).
Back then I bought exactly this cage because it was the only one available. First, I had concerns because of the height. I am 1.80 m and with the pull up bar installed upwards the cage is exactly high enough for me. While wearing Romaleos 4 my hair is just millimeters away from the pull up bar.
First, I want to list the positive things I like about the cage. Each other holes are laser cut number (as well at the holes in the bottom and top crossmembers), which look very nice. Also, the strength shop logo in the back looks very cool. In my case the cage has only one cut out logo, the newer model seems to have two. With the cage come a lot of attachments. They provide some more training possibilities. There are a lot of band pegs. I use them in the back uprights to store weight plates (which is probably not recommended). Furthermore, there are two dip handles included. I think they are great because you can also use them for example as squat handles. The pull up bar is a monkey pull up bar and offers different variations to choose a grip. The pull up handles are thcik, I like that a lotfor gripping. Knurled handles would add up nice. There are 4 J-Hooks included (though they do not look like most J-Hooks). Many other racks have just two included. Having 4 save me a bit of adjustment time. I have them on the right height for squatting and benching. Since I train for powerlifting and do mostly these, the J-Hooks stay most of the time in their places. The height of 1.85 m makes this cage unique. For me this was not an aspect to consider, but for basements etc. this might be relevant. I only found alternatives with the height of 1.90 m.
Now about the negative things I dislike. The varnish is not of high quality at very fast pieces will break out. At least you could say this makes the cage look rough. At my older version is a plate with the strength shop logo at the back top crossmember. In the beginning I have hit my head several times on the slim bottom of this plate. Fortunately, this problem should be fixed with the newer model. The biggest problem from my perspective is that the holes do not go all the way up at the uprights. For me they were way to low for squatting. That is why I had to make some new holes above. Because of safety and legal reasons, I do not recommend this for you. In my case I haven’t had any problems with e.g. the stability yet. I think the crossmember are the same as for the higher version. So, there are some holes for the lat pull-down attachment already, but for the 1.85 m version there is no lat pull-down attachment offered. The included J-Hooks and pin-and-pipe safeties lack of any coating to protect the barbell and uprights. My barbell is coated with black zinc and after the first time using already some was rubbed off. I made some pieces of pvc pipes around the ends of the barbell. This works fine but doesn’t look cool. I wished there had been prober J-Hooks with rubber and flip-down safety also with rubber. My problem with the pin-and-pipe safeties is they make some sound while putting them in. Another aspect I dislike is the fact there aren’t a lot of additional attachments for sale. The ones that are available seems to me a bit overpriced. Especially J-Hooks with rubber (not just hard plastic as offered) and monolifts would be nice (please make monolifts with enough rubber coating and some rubber in the back for less sound while the hooks swing back).
In summary it is a good cage and does its job. Once build up it stand and is very stable. But in my opinion, there are some features which seems a bit like low quality. If the height is important for you and you are not taller than 1,80 m I recommended the cage for you. Though the price performance ratio is not that good in my opinion and there are alternatives for a better price, more quality, and more attachments.

C.B. (France)
Great equipment

Very convenient and secure !
However, there is only a slight drawback : seemingly, no lat pulldown attachment that matches this cage is available. What a pity ! I sure would have purchased it.

IGNACIO M. (Spain)
Perfect, what i needed

Ideal for low ceilings with accessories

Christophe D.
If you have a Low Ceiling don't hesitate

This rack is perfect for your home gym.
His height is very convenient if like me, you have a low ceiling that wouldn't match with the pull up bar.
I've ordered it and 3 weeks later I've received it in three packages which was a very good idea for the construction of the rack. The instructions are clear, you can see and touch the quality of the pieces.
At first I was going for on other rack from a different brand, but with the pandemic they had trouble with the package, so thanks to StrenghtShop I've been saved !
Oh and I forgot to mention the customer service, they answer really fast and are very helpful !

Thanks a lot. The commercials gyms are dead to me !