Riot Smelling Salts

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Made using extra potent ammonia, our Riot smelling salts will give you that extra kick for your next big lift!

Why use smelling salts?

Smelling salts are an extremely effective way of boosting your focus and alertness. That's why they can help you to lift a heavy PR or push your body through a challenging AMRAP set (as many reps as possible).

How do smelling salts work?

Inhaling the salts activates the membranes in your respiratory tract. This then creates a chain reaction: An increased breathing rate leads to an elevated heart rate, which then activates the sympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is the pathway the body uses to manage stressful events. Adrenaline kicks in and prompts alertness and focus. Your gross motor skills (i.e. lifting and running) are enhanced and you can now direct your energy and strength more efficiently. The duration of this reaction lasts up to a minute which gives you plenty of time to lift that weight!


- Unscrew the cap and prick or remove the seal. Carefully smell at a safe distance from the bottle

- Screw the lid back on immediately after use to increase longevity.

- Store between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius.

- Be careful, these are VERY potent. USE WITH GREAT CARE!

** Please note - the ammonia can seep out of the tubs sometimes, this is nothing to worry about and is essential that the tubs are made like this to stop excess pressure building up in them. Please consider this when choosing the location to store them, and also store upright at all times.


Size: 50ml

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Noa S. (Croatia)

Amazing smelling salts

Andree S. (Germany)
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Vorbildliche Kaufabwicklung bei schneller Lieferung. Ständige Lieferupdates.
Alles Produkte sind Top. Das Riechsalz ist brainblasting!

Alexandre V. (Portugal)
Good for the price

For a beginner is perfect, but I think that an intermediate needs a more powerful.

Erik K. (Estonia)

Riot Smelling Salts

Jure M. (Slovenia)

Riot Smelling Salts

Petar N. (Croatia)