Z☠️NE Bear Down Steel Blood - Dry Smelling Salt

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BDS Blood Edition – Brutal hitting smelling salt

If you smelled them all, this edition might be what you’re looking for. Bear Down Steel Blood smelling salt is one brutal ammonia. This smelling salt hybrid is made of a unique mix of the BDS Gold and the Norse Blood, yielding into an insane 12 ingredient ammonia mix. If you already encountered the other ZONE Bear Down smelling salts and feel you could handle more, try this one. This is not the kind of smelling salt you want for your first try of smelling salt, though. It comes in a 400ml durable red steel bottle and the ammonia is dry activated, so it is always ready to go. 

How long will the Bear Down Blood Salts last me?

Bear Down Steel is designed to be used, over and over – without quickly dying. Not only for individual use, but also for public gyms and training spaces, like powerlifting or strong(wo)man gyms. Made of steel, the bottle and lid are very durable, plus it won’t leak. Depending on the use, it will last somewhere between one and six months.

How to: safe use of smelling salts

As stated, this ZONE smelling salt has an extreme potency, please consider the following for safe use and to get the most out of your smelling salt.

  • First of all: If you aren't quite sure what smelling salts are and don't have much experience with smelling salts, stay FAR away from this version. 
  • Make sure the lid is secured tightly after each use
  • Shake well before each use and hit the bottom of the bottle, to get everything to the bottom of the bottle.
  • No need to completely remove the lid: cracking the top can hit just as strong 
  • Keep the bottle a full arm's length away from your face
  • Maximize the effect: Wait 5-10 seconds after shaking and then crack the bottle

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  • BDS Blood Edition, 400ml
  • Durable red steel bottle & lid
  • Dry activated ammonia 
  • For very advanced BDS users only
  • Life span: 1-6 months

Caution: This smelling salt should exclusively be used by experienced lifters while attempting max. effort lifts, and always be kept at an arm length away from your face. Keep the smelling salts away from children and do not use them when pregnant or allergic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sergey B. (Germany)

Z☠️NE Bear Down Steel Blood - Dry Smelling Salt

Linus H. (Sweden)

This shit hits like a brick and makes your testosterone levels skyrocket. Strongly recommend but not for people that isn’t familiar with smellingsalts.

Franz S. (Austria)

AWESOME PRODUCT, wakes you slightly up LOL

Kyan B. (The Netherlands)

Z☠️NE Bear Down Steel Blood - Dry Smelling Salt

N. (Austria)

richtig kickt 💪

S.N. (Germany)
Bear Down Steel Blood

Sehr sehr Brutales und absolut Geiles Riechsalz, das wirklich beste was ich bisher probiert habe.! Für Neulinge nicht zu empfehlen da gibt es mildere für den Anfang. Kann es nur empfehlen würde dafür auch 10 Sterne geben 👌🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻