Z☠️NE Norse Blood – Beginner, Dry Smelling Salts

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If you're a novice to the world of smelling salts, Zone Norse Blood for beginners is just right for you. It is a potent formula, to push you just a bit further, unlocking powers you didn’t even know you had. This beginner-friendly dry activated smelling salt is formulated with nine ingredients, to increase oxygen flow and trigger your fight or flight response, that you can take advantage of when lifting in max. strength ranges.

Dry activated red ammonia

The Zone Norse Blood series is dry activated, which means that they will be activated manually before being shipped. The Ammonium chloride and Sodium carbonate reaction does not need added water for activation. As a result, it will stay light and fluffy, so all ammonia gas can rise to the top. Just shake, open it & crush your lift. 

After you have experienced the power of this smelling salt, here’s a tip to increase the effect: shake, wait for 5-10sec. and then open the bottle. 

How long will my Zone Norse Blood last?

Depending on how often you seek to unlock your max power, it can last you between 1-6 months. The potency will decrease with the amount of fresh oxygen entering the bottle, so make sure you tighten the cap after every use.

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  • Dry activated before shipping
  • Blood-red ammonia
  • Unique light & fluffy formula for extreme potency
  • Shelf life: 1-6 month

Caution: This smelling salt should only be used by experienced lifters while attempting max. effort lifts, and always be kept at an arm length away from your face. Keep the smelling salts away from children and do not use them when pregnant or allergic.

Customer Reviews

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Jin X. (The Netherlands)

Z☠️NE Norse Blood – Advanced, Dry Smelling Salts

Misa m. (Germany)

Stinkt wann nicht geoffnet - perfekt !

@Bulkyboii (Belgium)
Too scared for this

I only used the beginner version last competition for the first time. This sh#t really hits different! Now I am too scared to open this cannon, maybe I'll find the courage someday... 😆

Luca B. (Germany)


Mattia T. (Italy)

very recommended, for advanced people only

Vitja L. (Slovenia)

fucking amazong