Circus Dumbbells 20-78KG

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  • 20KG - Circus Dumbbell
    20KG - Circus Dumbbell
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  • 31KG - Circus Dumbbell
    31KG - Circus Dumbbell
  • 42KG - Circus Dumbbell
    42KG - Circus Dumbbell
  • 48KG - Circus Dumbbell
    48KG - Circus Dumbbell
  • 53KG - Circus Dumbbell
    53KG - Circus Dumbbell
  • 58KG - Circus Dumbbell
    58KG - Circus Dumbbell
  • 64KG - Circus Dumbbell
    64KG - Circus Dumbbell
  • 71KG - Circus Dumbbell
    71KG - Circus Dumbbell
  • 78KG - Circus Dumbbell
    78KG - Circus Dumbbell
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Rooted in tradition, the challenge of hoisting a weighted dumbbell from the floor to overhead has been a worldwide phenomenon for over a century. Such feats of strength make for an impressive show, which is why this movement is still used in many strongman competitions today. This is a great tool for combining the development of upper body, core and grip strength and should not be overlooked by any lifter! 

Our circus dumbbells come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 20kg up to 78kg.

- 60mm diameter steel handles with cast iron globes
- Single mould cast with black coating
- Please do not drop the circus dumbbell on concrete floor.
* Please note: Dumbbells are sold individually, not in pairs.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
C.S. (Denmark)
Great Dumbbell.

I bought a 20 kgs. Circus Dumbbell/Thomas Inch Dumbbell from Strength Shop Europe, and it arrived within a few days.
This dumbbell is a magnificent training tool. It seems well constructed, and the thickness of the handle challenges the grip, even at
20 kgs.
The dumbbell comes at a very reasonable price for a tool of this quality.
I can fully recommend this dumbbell; and Strength Shop Europe as such.

Harald A. (Finland)
78kg Circus Dumbell

Delivery was fast, the dumbell is of good quality with the right dimensions. Very competitive price. Highly recommend.

J.M. (Finland)
Good stuff!

Great choice for the price range. Works nice for grip training, rowing, overhead pressing / jerking etc...

Diego P. (Belgium)
20kg circus

Good solid thing. Best to use brake cleaner on the handle to get the grease removed and then chalk up. I have the 20kg one and it feels comfy. Im going to outlift it very fast, but i will use it to fine tune my technique and using it to superset dumbbell press and row.

Gavin R. (Ireland)

Circus Dumbbells 20-78KG

Chris K. (Germany)

I have tested the dumbbell several times now, top workmanship and exactly how I imagined the product. The selection in the shop is very good. The communication is also very good. I can only recommend ordering here.