Notorious Lift – Sumo Sole Gen 3, Blackout

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Wide toe box: Increase balance, stability – generate power

Our toes are meant to be spread for optimal function. In most modern shoes, because of their shape and materials, this is not possible. To get the best base for your deadlift training, you can go barefoot, or you can choose some specifically made shoes that mimic the barefoot advantages, combined with hygienic properties and support where reasonable. The Notorious Lift Sumo Sole Gen 3 is an innovation to ramp up your deadlift game, but also if you just prefer a minimalistic flat training shoe, which is  lightweight for your gym bag too.

Aggressive traction pattern

The wide toe box along with the stretchy, soft material lets your toes roam free, to help prevent bunions and strengthen your feet long-term. At the rear, the SSG3 has a reinforced heel cup and a comfortable padded heel liner, for added comfort and support. Dual Velcro straps will keep the shoe snug around your midfoot

The ultra-thin cup sole, with a tried-and-proven herringbone traction pattern with very aggressive grip, provides maximum stability plus optimal power transfer. The cup sole has a close to zero toe-spring for a natural flat toe-to-ground connection. 

Get an instantly improved grip with our chalk selection. Choose between loose powder, blocks or liquid chalk.


  • Model: Sumo Sole Gen 3 (SSG3)
  • Colour: all black
  • Wide toe box 
  • Ultra-thin cup sole w/ minimal toe spring
  • Reinforced heel cup
  • Herringbone traction pattern
  • Dual straps w/ upgraded rings
  • Soft upper material

Customer Reviews

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Leonardo L.

Notorious Lift – Sumo Sole Gen 3, Blackout

Kati R.

Got my first championship medal with those! 👍🏻


Size didn't fit

Matteo C. (Italy)

Notorious Lift – Sumo Sole Gen 3, Emperor

Shoes so grippy they'll tear your ACL

I have had trouble with performing well in my equipped benchpress sessions due to feet slipping, causing me to lose my arch and torso position. These shoes have such great soles, my leg drive improved dramatically. In fact, while attempting a 290kg equipped bench after getting these, my leg drive was so solid my ACL tore right the fuck off.

I rate these shoes 10/10.

Milena K. (Bulgaria)

Notorious Lift - Sumo Sole Gen 3, Black Gum