Half Rack / Trainingsstation

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Unsere Trainingsstation hat alle Funktionen, die für ein ganzheitliches Krafttraining gebraucht werden.

Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind Catchers/Sicherheitsstreben und Hantelablagen für ein schweres Kniebeugentraining. Die Multigrip-Klimmzugstangen ermöglichen ein umfassendes Oberkörpertraining.

Die Trainingsstation verfügt über acht Steckvorrichtungen zur Aufbewahrung von Hantelscheiben. Dort können die Scheiben schnell und praktisch verstaut werden.

Vorbohrungen an den Füßen ermöglichen es, die Station fest im Boden zu verschrauben.

Breite inklusive Steckvorrichtungen für Scheiben - 169cm

Breite ohne Steckvorrichtungen für Scheiben - 126cm

Höhe - 214cm

Tiefe - 130cm

Gewicht - ca. 70kg

60 x 60 mm Pfeiler

Länge Catchers/Sicherheitsstreben - 49cm

Empfohlene Gesamtbelastung Hantelablagen: 400kg
Empfohlene Gesamtbelastung Klimmzugriffe: 200kg

Die Trainingsstation wird ohne Hantel und Hantelscheiben geliefert!

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
V.J. (Estonia)
Ideal for home gym

Reliable design, well painted, stable, for my height of 190 cm there are enough holes to comfortably do squats. It takes 25 minutes to assemble.Great rack!

Esteban (Ireland)
A beauty

Got a great deal on this, was looking for a long time for something similar that doesn't take much space.
Had a delivery hiccup but guys were 100% responsive, friendly and helpful to resolve.
In the price range there is just nothing alike: most stuff in Ireland is essentially junk, the gaps aren't space properly unless you pay close to 1k and it's just plain ugly.
Half rack from the guys here looks amazing, absolutely functional, replaced my full rack cage which looked ridiculous (HitFitness garbage).
Now I even get to hang the weights, that's such a luxury for the price, and not mention aesthetically pleasing - won't be embarrassing in front of guests.
Everything feels solid and easy to handle, was easy to put together.
Impressed and would definitely recommend.

Kankinen_athletics (Finland)

I was a bit scared off the price been so low. But this is really the best rack you can get at this price range.

@. (Belgium)

Great rack! Only thing that would it make better is to number the holes. I numbered them with chalk so it isn't a big problem.

P.B. (Netherlands)
Excellent compact rack

I needed a compact rack to fit my relatively small home gym room, while still having a pull-up/chin-up bar. This rack was available and had the right dimensions.

It is of a very solid construction. Even without bolting it to the floor or adding plates to the back storage it doesn't move when racking a heavier bar. It has plenty of holes with small spacing in between so it can be adjusted relatively finely. It's great value for money, since it includes spotter arms and j-hooks.

The only improvements I could see would be:
- To have knurling on the "front side" of the pull-up handles. There's only knurling on the diagonal part that sticks out and down, which I don't use.
- To have the pull-up handles spaced closer together. I'm of an average to slim build and when I do chin-ups, I have to take a somewhat wide grip.
- To have number markings by the holes, so that it's easier to remember at what height to put the spotter arms and j-hooks for bench press and squat/overhead press.

It's also quite a feat that the spotter arms and j-hooks are rated at 400kg. More than anyone could need!

B.U. (France)
Amazing ! nothing to say

I waited a little while to make an opinion but the half rack is just complete. Pull-ups (supine, pronated, neutral), safety bar for big movements, easy to set up, nothing to say except: thank you Strength Shop.