Z☠️NE Bear Down Steel Frost – Smelling Salt

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Combination of purified ammonia and customized peppermint crystals

Tied with the BDS Blood as the most intense strength level to date, Frost is truly a massive kick to any athletic performance! The Zone Mint Series is a combination of purified ammonia and customized peppermint crystals to create extremely potent and effective salts.

What do the customized mint crystals on their own do when inhaled?

  • Reduce brain fog.
  • Increase alertness, focus, and performance by serving as a central nervous system stimulant. 
  • Reduce congestion and increase oxygen.
  • Increase mental focus.
  • Trigger flight or fight response.
  • Kill any doubt or hesitation.
  • Wake you the F*** up!

After numerous experiments to establish the perfect ratios of customized mint crystals and purified ammonia, a huge increase in athletic performance was discovered vs salts on their own. 

What exactly do the customized mint crystals and purified ammonia do when they react together?

  • Open airways to increase oxygen even with that slap of ammonia. 
  • Initiate intense focus and zero doubt or hesitation in the back of your mind.
  • Jump-start your CNS, even if fatigued has already set in. 
  • Great smell!! For those that dislike the smell of ammonia, this is a huge game changer

If you aren't quite sure what smelling salts are, stay FAR away from this version. If you don't have much experience with smelling salts, also stay far away. Highly recommend you have experience with Norse Blood Advanced or BDS previous versions before trying this one.

How to get the longest life out of my Bear Down Steel?

  • Make sure the seal is intact at the top of the lid (Loose or cracked seals will cause the bottle to leak and kill the bottle quickly)
  • Make sure the lid is on TIGHT after each use
  • Shake before each use and hit the bottom of the bottle (to get everything to the bottom of the bottle.)
  • You don't have to completely remove the lid – Cracking the top can hit just as strong
  • Always remember to keep the bottle a full arm's length away from your face
  • For the biggest hit: Wait 5-10 seconds after shaking to crack the bottle.
  • Shelf Life: around 6 months. Once initially opened, the lifespan of smelling salts can last anywhere from 1-6 months depending on how many times they get used/opened.

Please note: The more often fresh oxygen is reintroduced into the bottle, the faster it’ll dry out and lose potency.


Users of zone smelling salts must also be aware of the following:

  • Understand the risks involved with smelling salts
  • Do not abuse or misuse smelling salts.
  • Keep smelling salts away from children
  • Avoid contact with eyes, mouth, or open wounds
  • Start at a full arm’s length away
  • Do not use it if allergic or pregnant
  • Consult a physician before using
  • Use with caution and only as directed
  • Do not use in conjunction with alcohol consumption
  • Keep out of prolonged heat and cold

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Elia N. (Italy)
Nuclear Bomb

This salts are too fucking potent